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This all started when a dear friend of mine had a photo of herself and her baby go "viral". I watched the comments flood in on her photo from other mothers sharing their postpartum experiences and, being a writer and lover of documenting all the things, I knew these stories needed a place to go.

Enter: the creation of Postpartum Confession. 

When you hit "submit" your story comes directly to me. I read each and every submission and will respond personally once your story is live on the site. I have been in birth work for 10 years and nothing has been more humbling than reading your words and holding this space.

Fun Facts:

You can often find me: eating mayonnaise out of the jar. Soaking in a bath in the middle of the day. Making some sort of list. Binge drinking Earl Grey. Reading Savage Love.

Once upon a time I was married, had a corporate job and lived a typical American life. Then BAM! I had a powerful dream that prompted me to dive into birth work professionally and crumble all elements of my disconnected mainstream life. 

Shortly after, I got divorced, traveled Europe solo, and returned home and fell in love with my best friend of many years (who's also doing really cool stuff like restoring his foreskin). 

Next came my obsession with placentas, which evolved to be: DIY Placenta Art + Encapsulation. Web design has become another creative outlet and I've started building websites for small businesses (including this one!)

In 2016 I launched an e-course for anyone who has ever felt stuck, like I used to. Stuck in their job, stuck in their relationship, stuck in their eating habits, stuck in any way. The e-course is called Reality Rehab: Your Road Map to a Life of Freedom. 

You can find the e-course, my blog, and my podcast and my generally oversharing nature at CockandCrow.com

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