My Story: The Magically Wild Birth Story of my sweet Carter

When Matt and I found out that we were pregnant, we knew that we wanted a different birth experience than a typical hospital birth. I had done my research and learned a lot about the ways in which birth had become a real money making business for the hospitals if done “correctly.” This means getting the mom in and out as quickly as possible with the use of medical interventions such as Pitocin and C-sections. This is not what I wanted for our birth so we decided to look into birthing centers staffed by midwives. 

My Story: Jazmyne Durazo, Part 2 {c-section + VBAC + breastfeeding}

After only 11 hours she was here. Without any pain medication or intervention of any kind, she was here. I had done it. I whispered to myself and my husband for a good hour afterwards "I did it, I can't believe I did it." She latched well immediately just as her sister had. Everything was well. 

My Story: Jazmyne Durazo, Part 1 {c-section + VBAC + breastfeeding}

We took natural birthing classes on The Bradley Method and from the start I was nothing but excited and motivated to have a wonderful, natural birth. I was never afraid for a moment of my pregnancy. Our daughter was going on a week late and my doctor was telling me that she was going to schedule my induction soon [young & naive as I was I didn't realize I could simply tell her NO!] so out of fear of an induction I started trying at home methods of "natural induction."

My Story: Vanessa Williams

I was rushed to L and D. My son's heart rate was 210 and mine was 170. They did everything they could to lower my fever and my son's heart rate but they were unsuccessful. And to top it off, I wasn't even in labor. I knew at that moment, both mine and my son's life were in danger. 

My Story: HELLP + C-Section {A birth story}

The doctor came back an hour later, and said they want to do another two blood tests, one hour apart. One of the unlikely things was called HELLP syndrome, which only happens in about 10% of pregnancies, and it was looking like I was headed in that direction. If the following two tests continued to show the pattern they were looking for, then that was it. My body was sick, and it might start making Baby sick, so the best option would be to deliver soon.

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My Story: Trisha Phillips

My Story: I gave birth to a healthy baby girl January 31st 2015. However, her birth was a complete 180 of what I wanted. I was due January 27th. About halfway through, i decided that I would like to do a non-medicated birth. I did my research and talked to my doctor, who agreed that with birth, the less interventions the better. I also wanted to be a bad ass and say, "Look what i can do, i gave birth without pain meds!" 

My Story: Susan Foege, birth story #2

I felt my first contraction, twinge at about 4:11 PM. It was on my way home from work, it wasn't painful, just a feeling that continued pretty regularly for the ride home. It wasn't enough for me to be concerned, I mostly thought it was fake, so I didn't tell anyone. I finally got home and I mentioned to Sean that I was feeling things. We decided to go get some dinner at the local mac and cheese place and I went with something a little spicy just in case she needed some extra push to be ready to come out. 

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