My Story: Whitney Campbell

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I stormed off to bed mumbling how ridiculous it was that I was STILL pregnant. Having passed 40 weeks yet again I was ready to meet my precious girl! I awoke around midnight with a slight tummy ache. I tossed around until it faded and fell into a heavy slumber. One perk of my pregnancies is that I sleep SO well!

At about 4:30am I got up to go pee and noticed that I lost my plug! Excited, I woke my husband and asked if he was ready to meet his baby girl! He popped up excitedly to shower. I noticed they were more regular while on my feet so I laid in bed and relaxed and was able to sleep off and on until about 645am.

We started to the birthing center and I was rolling through very regular contractions while stuck in rush hour traffic for over an hour. It was ironic. We laughed between contractions. On arrival they filled that very familiar bathtub where I, less than 2 years prior, gave birth to my perfect baby boy.

My husband set up the music which consisted of some hilariously awful songs that I can't help but want to dance to like "I'm Bossy" and a bunch of Usher! My midwife and I proceeded to shake our tail feathers while bringing baby lower.

Climbing into the tub around 9am was a major pain reliever. I rocked and rocked my hips back and forth in the water. This was so different from last time when I felt I could not move with the pain surrounding my being. This birth was all about movement!

After about 7 transition contractions (to which I yelled out "this BETTER be transition!) I asked what time it was. It was 10:55am. I awaited my next contraction expecting it to take hold of my body in a similar fashion as the previous... It came on fast. I had no time to think. I just started pushing. It gripped me and I had no choice. So real. So carnal. She was coming. My midwife calmly and with a smirk said "Well you need to open your legs to make room for her..." I was still on my side!

My husband climbed in behind me and lifted me into a better position all the while I was pushing her out. 3 minutes. In 3 little minutes I went from pregnant to a mother of our little libra girl! Arabella Rain was born at 10:55am September 24th. My dreams came true! My son took over 24 hrs....12 of which felt like transition! A couple hours of intense labor was a walk in the park because I was mentally prepared for another long haul!

Recovery from natural birth is amazing....recovery seems like the wrong word for it. Let's call it rest. I only needed a bit of rest with my baby girl at the breast for my uterus to contract back. I sit here 2 weeks postpartum feeling like a badass. I created, grew, birthed, and sustain life for yet another human being with zero interventions and zero western medicine. I can do anything!️

Whitney Campbell | Scottsdale AZ | Mama to Braxdon Stone, and Arabella Rain

Posted on November 29, 2016 and filed under Birth Story.