My Story: I didn't feel like a mom at all because I couldn't get up to help.

I finally felt like I gained a good relationship and understanding with my daughter, but I still get frustrated. And sometimes I feel jealous because I wish I could go out and do the things I want to at the drop of a hat, or that I could do the hobbies and things I used to all the time and I feel guilty after wishing that because I should be here for my daughter. 

My Story: I was in bliss those first few days, and then the storm came.

I was in pain, and my baby was having latch issues so some frustration brewed from that. However, the icing on the cake was when my partner went back to work a couple days after I came home from the hospital. I don't know why, but I felt totally and completely abandoned and helpless. 


My Story: I wasn't ready to quit being me

I grew to resent him. This little stranger came into my life (although completely planned) and changed everything. I felt "stuck." I knew that getting a divorce would now be much harder to do. I felt like a bad mother for bringing him into the world at this point in my life.

My Story: Megan McIntyre

I had expected a normal pregnancy, with the feeling of labor, contractions, holding my son, and leaving for home together. What I got was the exact opposite of what I wanted and expected, and caused me to experience such intense feelings of guilt, failure, and helplessness, that it surprised me to connect a new baby with such raw feelings.

My Story: Nicole Coovert

The next morning doctor came in to check my progress, only to feel a foot. A FOOT, are you kidding me!!! She flipped in the evening and was now breech. Doctor and I looked at each other and almost at the same time said, "Well did we really expect the delivery to be a smooth one...." 

So back into the OR surgery #5! 

My Story: Andrea Sapp

A few months later on my daughter's first birthday I was taken in and told I was bipolar on top of depression. I got a call from CPS in the hospital - they were taking my daughter from me even though I got help. I didn't understand anything.

My Story: A Blissful Postpartum

My message to all mamas who are struggling is this, find your community! Reach out every day. We were not meant to do this alone, we need a village! The saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” but I disagree. It takes a whole, healthy mother to raise a child. It takes a village to support her growth.

My Story: Insemination and single motherhood

I tried for almost 5 years and finally I got pregnant - by natural means, though I was inseminated. The father of my baby is the man I have always loved, just that life brought us in 2 separate ways. He is the man I have chosen to be the father of my baby and he agreed to that and to all decisions I've made regarding the baby so far (he is just supporting from far away, as much as he can).

My Story: Jacalyn Scott

I will never forget what my husband and I refer to as the "Tuesday"'. I was sitting on the couch, my son was five days old, and I remember sobbing as I tried to latch my son onto my breast but due to his posterior tongue-tie he was having a hard time feeding. I sat there with my nipples bleeding, my son screaming, myself crying, and my husband crying! I remember looking over at him and saying, "What were we thinking?"

My Story: I went home with a catheter

I went home with a catheter for 10 days. I was so happy the baby was fine but I wasn't. It was so uncomfortable. I googled like mad but only found the horror stories. They said after 10 days I would be fine. My bladder would have had a rest. I wasn't fine. I had to learn how to self catheterise.

My Story: I got through the day, and slowly I got the hang of it.

You have a human, a very tiny human, depending on you to have it, and that it makes it soooo worth the stress, tiredness, and trying to figure out if you've had a shower.  Just know you're one hell of a mom, and you're that baby's mom.

My Story: Amanda Cabrera

I had my first breakdown about 24 hours after she was born.  "She was so perfect and I didn't want to do anything to mess it up. If I lost her, I'd be lost." I was told my feelings were normal and that it'd be just fine.  Then we got discharged and went home, the tears didn't stop though. Every night I'd cry for about an hour for one reason or another.

My Story: The only way to the truth—about myself and others—was through it.

My mother-in-law was available and eager to help, and the breaks she made possible were a blessing. But in spending more time with her, her own deep insecurities and fears fed into mine and intensified my insanity.