My Story: Jessica Phillips

My Story: Jessica Phillips | Postpartum Confession

My Story: I had an induced birth due to medical reasons, but was able to birth naturally in the hospital. It was an intense and very spiritual labor and delivery. We left after 24 hours and I had not slept since the day before. I was terrified, wondering how I would function with a newborn and 1 year old, an 11 year old who sleep walks, and no family nearby. 

I didn't anticipate the pain of hemorrhoids being worse than labor and delivery! I couldn't sit down, so I had to lay or stand while nursing and caring for the children. Both babies ended up with RSV the second week home, as well as the newest being severely jaundice.

...but we made it! The 1 year old started sleeping through the night, they both got over their illnesses, nursing went smoothly, and I think back and I feel like a super hero! We're now discussing trying for another soon!

Jessica Phillips | U.S.A. | Breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, natural living wife, doula, and Mama to Ethan- 15; Maddy- 11; Ava-1.5; Rilynn- 7 months

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