My advice for partners & family: please help and be supportive - we need it!

My Story: I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and have PPD. I never got over having it with my soon to be 2yr old, although he was a miracle baby after 5yrs of trying for another child. PPD sucks and it is sad that the only reason I wake up every morning is for my kids only. My husband has no idea what that struggle this has on your mind. He thinks I need to snap out of it along with other family members" opinions" and how things were back in the day. Some days, I wish I would have listened to doctors saying how I shouldn't have kids. But, I beat the odds, cervical cancer, a stillbirth, numerous miscarriages, 3 emergency c-sections - the last a preemie because of a uterine tear. Due to my last child, I am unable to have anymore kids. I'm okay with that, but it is hard to accept it. My advice for significant others/spouses & family, please help and be supportive, we need it. Not criticism of what we need to get over or deal with it, this is a process, a slow process and it does take time to get through. PPD is not a joking matter and is very serious, do you know as mothers we feel like a robot, no longer a person. No feelings to express, just functioning for our kids, neglecting ourselves to make sure everyone else has what they need. Each day is a struggle to live and do what we have to do, even though we don't want to or feel motivated to.

Anonymous | Peoria, AZ

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