My Story: Andrea Sapp

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My name is Andrea. I had my daughter Feb of 2007 - a normal and healthy pregnancy. I was very happy I was going to be a mom to a baby girl and went to all my doctors appointments - no concerns. However, I went to my last appointment and he said, "Let's schedule for you to be induced." I was very excited to be having my little girl and went to the hospital to be induced at 7:00am. 

I was scared, but was also ready - everything was going to plan - I was dilating and at 12:30 am was ready to push. I push and push and was crying because it hurt so bad. I asked the nurses to call my doctor - I wanted him to come check me. He came in chewing gum and was like, "Keep can do this" and I was like, "I can't - there is something wrong." He said everything was normal so I push and push and still nothing. After 6 hours of pushing they said "Baby is stuck", rush to the phone, called the doctor.

He came in and said, "Oh yea we have to do an emergency c-section". Now it is 7:20am - 24 hours after the induction started. I screamed so loud, cussed out everyone and said, "You guys said this is normal - I'm in pain and crying my heart out!" 

They doped me up so bad I didn't even get to meet my daughter right away. I woke up and there was my baby girl. I was excited, but I was so sleepy. Everything was fine while I was at the hospital.

I was released from the hospital 3 days later. After a few days of being home something wasn't right - I was not eating or sleeping and felt I didn't want to be a mom.  I went to a family member's house and I was rushed to the hospital. I needed help and knew something wasn't right. I was told I had postpartum (psychosis). I was put on meds and after being locked up in a psychological hospital for 7 days I was released.

I was good for 3 months and then took a turn for the worse. I was trying to hurt myself and taken right back in. Still I was told I had servere postpartum (psychosis), so at that time I was held for 2 weeks and then sent home. But not to my home - I was kicked out of where I was staying and had to go back to my dad's for 2 months.

I was doing good - I got a place in August of 2007 and thought things were looking up. In September of 2007 I was be cheated on by my daughter's dad. I was hurt and confused. He didn't want me and I beat him up and was sent to jail because I said I was not going to the hospital. He did this - he hurt me. I couldn't trust  anyone and felt alone. I wanted my family.

A few months later on my daughter's first birthday I was taken in and told I was bipolar on top of depression. I got a call from CPS in the hospital - they were taking my daughter from me even though I got help. I didn't understand anything.

I was released and my family was told, "Don't leave her alone".

Years later and I haven't gotten her back. She is 8.  I recently had a baby boy and was allowed to keep him because I gave my family guardianship of her. I had an open case, but was allowed to keep my son, who was born February 2015. He is now a healthy 7 month old.

I guess what I am trying to say is it doesn't happen in every pregnancy. Stay strong, make sure you get the help and support you need. I am still with the dad and worked everything out - we even got married. Please, if you feel these things, get help. Everyone should hear these stories. Thank you for reading mine. 

Andrea Sapp | Michigan | Mama to Haylie, 8 and Mason, 7 months