My Story: Ariel Burhama

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My Story: I'm 30 yrs old, I'm a mom of 3 kids, my baby was born 4 weeks ago. My husband went to work the next day before I even came home from the hospital. He works out of town. Of course I too was leaking all over the places. Pain everywhere. I can honestly say the best part to all this was delivering my baby girl. Because ever since I had her, my immune system has not cooperated with me. I've been sick with allergies, sinus, pink eye, cold sores, etc, etc.

Still trying to get better today. And through out all this at the same time I have not gotten much sleep, having to breastfeed on demand, doing it all alone with other 2 kids. I feel alone, sad for no reason, I look at my kids and baby and can't seem to understand why I'm feeling like this. It hurts, that you feel like this, sad, stressed, overwhelmed. Everything. .. I've cried and cried, but that just makes me feel worse. I know I'm not the only one, and after 2 kids, and never having experienced this with my other 2, I feel so bad and hate that I can't control this UGLY FEELING. I'm trying my best to not over think on things, but this UGLY FEELING of sadness and lonely just comes out of no where, and I hate it.

Ariel Burhama | Houston, TX | Mama to Rosa - 12, Niko - 6, and Lily -  1 month

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