My Story: Brycee Loyola

#PostpartumConfession | My Story: Brycee Loyola #faith #breastfeeding #postpartumconfession

I thank God that my postpartum story does not include a sick baby or a baby that would cry for everything. My postpartum story was mostly about the the mental hurdles with the exception of over supply (which, despite its frustrating moments and literally laying down so the baby doesn't choke, is better than struggling with supply).

I struggled with hearing comments from people which caused me to doubt myself. From simple, passive aggressive ones where people would "speak to the baby" about how mom needed to comb her hair, to straightforward "advice" that my milk supply and milk weren't good enough for my baby.

Even though I knew I would get unwanted advice, I was still not prepared for it.

I'm trying to have grave with people and not let these things cause me doubt or anger. I also had I guess what would be called postpartum anxiety since I had an anxiety attack after my first night of exhausted cluster feeding. I had never had an attack before and I had no clue that an adrenaline rush was not a normal reaction women's bodies go through after giving birth.

With the help of family and friends, I was able to identify the attack and pray fervently for peace. I have prayed so much the last month. Prayed for my child, my marriage, my parenting, my peace of mind, and prayed for our bodies to get some rest and sleep. God has truly answered our prayers before and after the pregnancy with providing for our new needs, but also with wisdom and rest when we needed it to survive. I don't know how anyone does it without faith.

Despite these ups and downs and fights and frustrations and tears and defensiveness, He has brought joy and peace and love and renewed faith in His power. Today I send out a prayer to first time parents and parents in general and especially the single moms as they struggle to figure things out the first few months. God bless you all.

Brycee Loyola | Texas | Mama to Aria, 1 month