My Story: Christie Doughty

My Story: I'm a young mother, 23, of 3 beautiful children, ages 4, 2, and 6 months . I had C-Sections with all 3 . Every single birth was a new adventure . My first one, he was an amazing baby. I was on meds while pregnant with him. I took myself off. But PPD set in bad at about a month after! Had to be put back on the meds. My second was a roller coaster I never want to get on again. There was so much doubt in him being my now-husband's child. At the time I was a single mom doing what I had to do to keep a roof over his head and food in his belly. No I wasn't on the street, but I was sleeping with my husband but staying at another man's house on the weekends due to my father kicking us out on the weekend. 8 days before delivering they wanted a DNA test the moment he was born. When I say "they" I mean my husband's family. Tyler never doubted that Conner was his. The day he was born, Tyler's aunt sent a picture to the guys mother that I was staying with on weekends and said "Doesn't he look like your son?" Right after saying to us "he looks just like Brent (Tyler's dad)". The guy sent me screen shots of what she said and all hell broke loose. Anger, depression, anxiety, the whole 9 yards! I was PISSED off. To this day I still get angry just thinking about it. On top of that, Conner had horrible eczema, acid reflux, lactose intolerant. I was to the point of just giving up! Then came along Emmalina. She had me on my knees BEGGING God to take me! The first month of her little life was a living hell! She would cry for hours at a time. And we did everything we knew how to do. Formula after formula. I couldn't breastfeed for some stupid reason. I was at my end! I handed her over to my mother-in-law and walked away. For about an hour. But I needed some "me" time. Finally! She was okay. Between colic and acid reflux, she had me on a horrible road! I wouldn't trade any of it for anything in this world!! I still get {PPD} when I'm doing this on my own for a month or more on my own. Ty works on the boats. And with no help from anyone, it gets really rough .

Christie Doughty | Bunkie | Mama to Mark - 4, Conner - 2, Emmalina - 6 months

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