My Story: Eilish Lapp

#PostpartumConfession | My Story: Eilish Lapp #mastitis #breastfeeding #PPD
This is me, just over 2 weeks PP.

Just after bawling my eyes out to mum because I couldn't feed my baby and we had to go out and buy formula for him. I had my heart set on breastfeeding but I knew that all I wanted was for him to eat and then we could both have a decent sleep.

My nipples were sore and one breast was excruciatingly painful a few days after this photo was taken. It turns out I had mastitis, oh dear lord that was the worst pain, I actually remember that more than the birth pain. I had to leave my tiny weenie baby with my mum while I went to hospital. They gave me the gas and put a needle in my right breast, again - a pain I'll never forget. After the doctors realised how much pain I was actually in, they sent me in for surgery. Oh the relief, I was so happy to go home and enjoy my baby.

He just had his 3rd Birthday, 3 days ago. The things we do for our little people.

Eilish Lapp |  Queensland, Australia | Mama to Boston, 3