My Story: I went home with a catheter

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The birth (of my second child) was exhausting. Like the first time around I had demanded the epidural and I think because of that everything was more drawn out than it should have been.

But my little one was fine. He breastfed straight away and he was a big boy at nearly 10lb (and I am not big! I think I'd had too many McDonald's in this pregnancy).

A few hours later I was asked to go and have a wee in a cardboard bucket. I managed but not even 100ml. Considering how much I had drank and the fact that I had not been to the toilet since before the labour, this was not much urine. They put a catheter in to drain my bladder and it must have been nearly a litre that they got from me.

I had a catheter inserted for 24 hours (she took a while to insert it and eventually had to get another midwife to do it). After 24 hours, they took it out and basically I had to prove that my bladder could now empty. I went to the loo and managed to go but when they reinserted the catheter they drained a load of urine.

I went home with a catheter for 10 days. I was so happy the baby was fine but I wasn't. It was so uncomfortable. I googled like mad but only found the horror stories. They said after 10 days I would be fine. My bladder would have had a rest. I wasn't fine. I had to learn how to self catheterise.

After about a month all was ok. I would still get paranoid about not being able to empty my bladder but eventually my worries faded. Since this has happened I've spoken to a few people who have been through the same thing. I suppose it's not something a lot of people talk about.

Henry was 1 last week and he is the happiest baby I have ever seen!

Anonymous | South Yorkshire