My Story: Jess Blaikie

My story started after many many miscarriages I was finally blessed to be pregnant. After 40 weeks of throwing up everyday, B6 shots 2x a week, and hospital stays 2-3 x a week for iv fluids - I finally had my daughter August 27. But I hemorrhaged. After I had her I had a feeling of something wasn't right. I was passing blood clots the size of baseballs. And they were black and hard. I couldn't eat because all I did was throw it back up. I was so weak I couldn't even walk . All I did was cry. Cry because I was so sure I was going to die. And no one could or would take care of my miracle baby the way she needed to be taken care of. After 1 week pp I finally went to the doctor and got antidepressants. My amazing mom came and got me and the baby and took me to her house for two full weeks of love and home cooked meals and healing. She would get up with the baby while I pumped and she would feed her. She got me to go outside. She got me to eat. In those three weeks pp I lost 40 pounds. It was the hardest time of my life. Still to this day I want another child but I'm terrified of going through round two of pp. She is now a happy thriving two year old.

Jess Blaikie | Mama to Savanna, 2 yrs old

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