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My Story: Following in his sister's footsteps, Thorin pooped all over me pretty much immediately. The difference was that he cried while he did it. He couldn't latch at all. I was hemorrhaging, and needed him to nurse to stimulate my uterus to contract. Luckily, my daughter, who was 26 months at the time, had attended my home birth, and was still nursing. She was happy to take his place, and the bleeding stopped.

After all my exams and stitches (he was 9lbs 9oz, had a hand up by his face, and was almost born en caul), my midwife (same woman who attended me at my daughter's birth, love her!) told me he was tongue and lip tied. I asked her to clip them both right then. It helped enough that he could latch, but not well. We bought a nipple shield, but he couldn't be convinced to take it.

It helped to nurse my toddler first, then latch him on that side. When my milk came in a few days later, it came in with a vengeance. I hadn't really had an issue the first time, but since I was also nursing my daughter, it was abundant. I was so grateful for her, because her big toddler belly was able to drink all the milk I had and it was amazing for engorgement.

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My husband took the first week off work, which was good because I was on bed rest for the first three days. It was a little awkward because the only way into our backyard is through our bedroom, so people were coming and going while I laid there recovering.

After hubby's week of leave was up, he went back for a week, and then was laid off. It was nice to have him home, but the stress of money was especially hard so soon after birth.

My mom was able to stay a couple weeks, and was incredibly helpful again. I knew from my last experience to be easier on myself from the beginning, so I only bled for five weeks this time. The biggest thing I dealt with this time was my decision to not have any more kids. I had had two fast, but hard births, and neither had been the beautiful experience I was hoping for. I had hoped that Thorin's birth would help me heal emotionally from Winter's, but it didn't. I knew pretty much immediately after he was born that I'd never do it again. Luckily my husband was on the same page, and we still feel the same seven months later. It makes me sad though to have had such a hard time when I wanted the beautiful experience I hear so many women talk about.

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