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My Story: I wanted to die!!!!!!! The feelings I was going through weren't normal... I wasn't normal. I had no control over anything and I was extremely scared.

I had a daughter who was 4 at the time and I decided I did not want anymore kids. I was in an abusive marriage and next thing I know... I'm pregnant with a baby I did not want but I was forced to keep.

As my belly got bigger the more depressed I got. Everyone said "once you see your baby it'll all change" and "you'll feel better". But I knew there was something really wrong with me, I just didn't know what it was. I wouldn't even buy anything for this baby I was about to have.

The day comes and I give birth.... I don't touch him. I don't carry him. Other family members bought him clothes. I feed him while he's laying down flat on the bed and I'll turn him over on his stomach to burp him. I did everything in my power not to carry/touch/form any kind of bond.

I went to the hospital and was put on tons of medicine but to know avail.... I was even dreaming of doing bad things to him because of the medication!!! What was wrong with me!!!!!! This was a nightmare! 

I decided I needed some space so I gave my son to a family member for a little while... just until I could get my head on right, get on the right meds... so I can take care of him.

I am proud to say my son Obrin is now a 13 year old pain in my butt... and I love him dearly.
Postpartum {depression} is not a joke and it's also not to be taken lightly... because if I had taken this situation son might not be 13 right now.

Lorraine Sepulveda | New York | Mama to Olivia, 19 and Obrin, 13

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