My Story: Olivia D

My Story: My husband and I married young and never stopped running from that moment on. When he came home from his first deployment, it wasn't too surprising to me that shortly after I became pregnant with our first child - a little boy we named Aaron. (Or A-a-Ron as my husband likes to call him) I had just found out we were having a boy when my husband found out the military wanted him out west - so at about 6 months pregnant we took one long road trip out to Colorado. Add in the change in altitude to the stress of moving and then to top it off the constant threat of my husband possibly deploying again and it's not a surprise that I was induced for high blood pressure. My son was born mercifully quick and we couldn't have been happier. We were completely blissed out! This boy is everything we could've dreamed. But once he was born the struggles began again - I had trouble feeding him and he had trouble latching due to a tongue tie so the endless pumping began and my little guy got to spend some extra time in the hospital for jaundice. I was stressed out and constantly hooked up to the pump to produce enough for my growing boy. One month in I finally felt I had the hang of things and of course my husband had to leave for another deployment. I have definitely had one hell of a postpartum time. It has been stressful. There have been times where my poor dog considered (and even attempted) running away from all the madness and insanity in my house. Somehow we have survived and I wouldn't change a minute of it - or ask for any other amazing little child .

Olivia D | Colorado

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