My Story: Paula Ayub

I had my daughter 14 years ago and felt so bad... Couldn't tell anyone about the fear, the changes I wasn't expecting, the lack of freedom, this I felt the most, and the absence of desire. No, I didn't have postpartum depression, but I sure was depressed. Loved my little girl most above of all, but missed myself a lot!!!!

Used to think that the feelings I was experiencing haven't read no where. What a shame!!!!!

Motherhood is not easy At all. Wonderful, but scaring, painful and lonely, very lonely....

I've had a three pregnant couple therapy once a month since I was four month pregnant. Can't tell how crucial it was for me.

I got very close to one of the future moms, our babies due 15 days a part. We hung on each other and helped ourselves get through the new condition: motherhood.

I look at my beautiful daughter now and thank she is here. I'd live everything again to have her... but, please, more information to the new moms.


Keep calm, IT WILL PASS, We learn that. The fever, the tantrums, the crying , the loneliness... 
We all need To say it out loud!!!

Paula Ayub | São Paulo, Brasil | Mama to Rafaella, 14

Posted on September 18, 2015 and filed under Postpartum Stories.