My Story: Sara Cottenden

My Story: My first & only child was born on 6th July 2011. Our beautiful Noah with his ginger hair. I had an emergency c-section after I had got to 9cm dilated due to his heart rate dropping. An hour & half after I had been stitched up, they noticed I was hemorrhaging & was losing a lot of blood.

I woke up in ICU the next day, unaware of what had happened. I had been fighting for my life all night & had a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. 
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When I first saw my son again, I felt as though he wasn't mine. As though I needed permission to touch him. I didn't hold him for 3 days & I felt as though I was the only person not allowed to.

Sara Cottenden | Kent, England | Mama to Noah, 4 years old. Connect with Sara on her blog here. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram with the handle @saracottenden. 

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