My Story: She was born with a congenital diafragmatical hernia.

Postpartum Confession | My Story: She Was Born With a Congenital Diafragmatical Hernia #postpartumconfession #takebackpostpartum #hernia

My Story: My baby was born on Mother's Day. It is my first, so I became a mother that day. I expected a healthy baby girl but after she was born, we found out she wasn't healthy at all. I was waiting for the moment that she found my nipple herself but she was taken from me within minutes after she was born. While the doctors saved her life and examined her, I had to go in surgery for the after birth. When I was recovered from that they had a diagnosis for my baby. She was born with a congenital diafragmatical hernia. Her liver grew at the place where her right lung used to grow. We were transported to another (children's) hospital at the other side of my country.

She was not even 2 days old when she was in surgery. They closed the gap and my baby needed to get better. I finally got the chance to hold her when she was 5 days old. It took her 4 weeks in the children's hospital. After that she was well enough to get the rest of her treatment in our own hospital. We finally took her home when she was six weeks. At this moment she is 4 months old. My baby is the most beautiful baby in the world and she is a really happy girl. But after all this time I'm waiting for the day that things become normal again. I'm still waiting to feel the love, I know it's there but I can't feel a thing. Although I had a lot of support from family and friends, I don't feel understood. Because there is no one who been through the the same or has a similar story. The whole thing made a zombie out of me and that's making me really sad. Thank you for letting me share the short version of my story!

Anonymous | The Netherlands