My Story: There was a huge piece of placenta left. I had to go into surgery.

#PostpartumConfession | My Story: There was a huge piece of placenta left. I had to go into surgery. #birth #placenta #surgery

My Story: I was induced Friday the seventh of August. I didn't actually get anywhere until the Sunday where my waters were broken. I was given two hours to go into labor on my own but I didn't, so I was on the drip at two the next morning. At twenty to eight I gave birth to healthy little girl. I was torn and had stitches and I lost a lot of blood.

Visiting times were at half one and I was bombarded with visitors and disrespected by someone asking what was up with my face and if I was going to be ok with my baby. Still shocked, hurting, and hemorrhaging (I later found out) I couldn't believe my ears.

A few days passed and I was sore, couldn't walk, I was breathless and extremely tired. Baths only soothed for so long. I never got properly looked at and my iron levels weren't checked after birth. I was sent home and deteriorating. By the next day my mum sent me to doctors who thought I needed a blood transfusion.

Instead of getting settled at home with my not even week old baby, I was sent back to the hospital for them to decide if I needed blood transfusion. I did, but that wasn't the worst part. I still had a severe belly ache and the doctor felt my stomach - my womb hadn't moved back properly.

On day six I was sent for a scan. There was a huge piece of placenta left as well as fragments. I had to go into surgery, but was given blood transfusion first as I wasn't fit enough for theatre. I would have died if I lost any more blood, the doctor told us after successfully removing it all. If another week had gone by, the doctor said I wouldn't be here.

There is a consequence of the surgery - I may never have more children. My baby girl was my first - I'm twenty years old. Having a child was the greatest and worst part of my life. She's six weeks old and I'm physically and mentally traumatised by peoples disrespect, but I have my little girl. 


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